Pea Gravel Under the Deck Patio # DIY

Every time it rained it was a muddy mess under the deck area. When our dog came back from the backyard his paws will get muddy and it was hard to keep up the home clean. So we decided to do some kind of patio. After a lot of thinking and researching, we decided to go with pea gravel patio.


Our main reasons for this patio are,

  • It will be easy to walk for our pooch
  • It is inexpensive and affordable for our small patio
  • It is doable DIY
  • Pea gravel soaks water and it prevents soil erosion. Drainage will be much better as it is going to be under the deck.
  • It is easy to maintain


Due to the water dripping (when rains) below the deck area was very uneven and the green lawn was already gone. So first, it needed to be flattened and leveled. We bought a couple of bags of soil and leveled with a tampered head. Then gathered all the things needed. For this project we used, wood logs as barriers. Next thing is arranging the landscape fabric with the help steel sod staples. Prepared the edging with the depth of 3 inches.Then poured the pea gravel.

We finished the whole project in a day. We are very happy with the outcome.