Overwintering Canterbury Bells


Canterbury Bells plant indoors during winter

I started this Canterbury Bells with seeds. I have no idea how the flowers look in real life. I never planted them. I never saw them. This is the first time and I am happy to see that this plant is doing well(so far).

Will it flower? I have no clue. Because some say it is perennial and some biennial. I started with seed in the last summer and it has not produced any flowers. No buds and no flowers. Nothing. So during winter, I bought the plant indoor. Since then it is sitting there just like that, growing taller. I just keep watching… does it flower or not?

I just keep my curiosity alive. Gardening in winter is really challenging. More water or less water everything matters. It involves a lot of trial and error work. I hope to see some of them survive indoor and go back outside as the spring peeks. But till then it is a balancing act of keeping them alive.