Namaste and Welcome!
Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you’ve come to visit my nest! Hope you will find something interests you.

I am a mom who lives somewhere on the east coast of US.
This blog is all about my interests and hobbies. I love creativity in everything. I believe a little bit of personal touch makes things more meaningful. So here you will see another side of me as a painter, knitter, photographer, avid reader, crafter, self-taught web and graphic designer.

Yoga can’t be explained only be experienced. I am glad that I found it. My yoga journey began 20+ years back. It has given me the strength, health, and inner peace. Ashtanga yoga changed my perspective on life. Now yoga is an integral part of my life.

We love to eat and we love to cook. I do a lot of cooking for my vegetarian family. So I will be experimenting, cooking and creating many recipes with the Indian fusion twist.

This blogosphere is my happy place to work, to play and to forget everything. When I am here, I am nobody’s mom or wife. It’s just me. I just couldn’t stop. So here I am… In this space, you will find many posts and collective thoughts about life, food, travel, photography, garden, yoga, design and everything else in between.

Flying planes fascinate me. Childhood diseases make me sad. Scientific inventions give me hope. Technology makes me wonder what will happen in the future. Daily small gestures make me happy. Thank you all for your likes and comments.

Life is short…There is so much more to explore, enjoy, and love the things you have in life. So live your life to the fullest.

You are welcome to link to posts on this blog. Please note that all the content and photography is wholly owned by me. This means you cannot reproduce any recipes, writing, or photos found on this site without my consent. Please ask before you take my work.