Autumn is here… # Feel Good Friday

…but it still feels like Summertime. This warm weather is going to stick around here for a while. But slowly nature around us is changing.

Autumn Equinox 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 4:02 PM on Friday, Sept. 22


Today is the first day of fall and the official end of the summer. Continue reading


Autumn is Around the Corner

Just a week left for Autumn. It feels like summer is slowly slipping away. Leaves are falling and colors are changing.


My life’s long radiant Summer halts at last
And lo! beside my pathway I behold

Pursuing Autumn glide: nor frost nor cold
Has heralded her presence; but a vast Continue reading

Breathe # Feel Good Friday

BREATH is Life. He who controls breath controls LIFE.
When the breath is controlled, the mind is controlled.
When PRANA is met and conquered, one gains ascendancy over death.

Prana, the vital breath, is born of Self. Like a person and his shadow, the Self and the Prana are inseparable. Prana enters the body at birth but does not die with the body.

Pranagnihotra Upanishad

Feel Good Friday # Be Alive

All my annuals are giving color to the garden and blooming beautifully. It’s been hot lately and plants do need some rain. According to forecast, it’s going to be a washout this weekend. In the meantime, it seems like my pooch is having a good time during the evening hours.


Life is long and beautiful. It’s like my perennials. Sometimes they bloom and sometimes they don’t. But they are always alive.

– From Royal Pains TV drama

Recently I’ve been watching Royal Pains on Netflix. It’s about the concierge medicine practice in the Hamptons with a lot of medical mysteries. It aired on USA networks from 2009-2016. We are enjoying watching this comedy/medicine drama. Now, this has become our new summer ritual. We are halfway through it and need to finish watching all 104 episodes before summer ends.