Dreamy Hydrangeas


Winter is not done and spring is yet to come. Continue reading


Cool Crisp Day # Feel Good Friday

Today is a perfectly cool and crisp chilly day. Yesterday night it was freezing 35F. All my plants came inside. I have to do this in and out for few more days. Days are getting shorter and getting darker early. It feels like winter is slowly making its way.


We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery.


Today spotted a butterfly in my almost done garden. Continue reading

End of Season for Roses

All the good things must come to an end. My summer long bloomer knockout rose bush is done for this year. I did pruning for the winter. These are the last roses from my rose bush.

The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change: Yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.

Paulo Coelho, Warrior of the Light