Feel Good Friday # Be Alive

All my annuals are giving color to the garden and blooming beautifully. It’s been hot lately and plants do need some rain. According to forecast, it’s going to be a washout this weekend. In the meantime, it seems like my pooch is having a good time during the evening hours.


Life is long and beautiful. It’s like my perennials. Sometimes they bloom and sometimes they don’t. But they are always alive.

– From Royal Pains TV drama

Recently I’ve been watching Royal Pains on Netflix. It’s about the concierge medicine practice in the Hamptons with a lot of medical mysteries. It aired on USA networks from 2009-2016. We are enjoying watching this comedy/medicine drama. Now, this has become our new summer ritual. We are halfway through it and need to finish watching all 104 episodes before summer ends.


Inspiration: How to Decorate Outdoor Space

It’s June and it’s time to enjoy outdoor space…..but wait not yet.

It’s raining cats and dogs. I have delayed setting up my deck hoping it would be spring/summer like weather. We don’t have a big outdoor space though… we would love to sit outside and eat under the night sky. Hope I will be able to set it up soon if the weather cooperates.  continue reading

Staining a Wooden Fence

The fence is an important part of any home and now our fence needed a makeover. Last year we’ve painted the deck and now it’s time for fence staining. We tackled this project over the weekend. It was all rainy forecast, but luckily we were able to finish everything on time. We used BEHR semi-transparent stain and it’s  easy to use.

Few things to keep in mind before you begin staining,

  • Be sure to prep your fence. Do the powerwash and do the dusting.
  • Make necessary repairs to the fence /working area.
  • Be sure to check the weather forecast, though most paints do dry very quickly.
  • Get good brushes which will make your painting work easy.
  • Use gloves and face mask while sanding/dusting.

It sure is a lot of work, but here is no other choice if you want to extend the life of your fence. Proper staining or painting creates a barrier that prevents moisture doing damage to the woods. So it is necessary and nowadays many paints can last for longer years than the earlier ones. Here is the before and after photo.


Colorful pillow covers

I called mom and said, ” Mom, I recreated your pillow covers.” She was so happy.

These pillows bring back so many memories. I am happy that I did this simple and easy project. Now, these pillows decorate my sofa.

Sometimes little things give more joy into your life. 

Little clay pot

I wanted to paint and create something small and beautiful. Here is the finished look of my little clay pot.

Created with white acrylic paint, glitter nail polish and overcoat of mod lodge.