In the Kitchen # Dumroot/Kashi Halwa/Bottle Gourd Burfi


It was a gloomy day and I was craving for something sweet. Continue reading


In the Kitchen # Cabbage Pakoda/Fritters

Outside weather is getting cold and gloomy. Tomorrow we are expecting an inch of snow. It’s winter time. Also, it’s the time we crave for something warm and spicy. This time it is Cabbage Pakoda.

“Mom are you going to make it again…. today evening… or this weekend… Are you sure, did you write it down the exact way… you did like last time… It tasted sooo good.

Yes. I will be making it, again and again, it’s a keeper.


Cabbage always ends up as the last vegetable in my fridge. Continue reading

In the Kitchen # Moong Dal Chakkali/Chakli/Murukku

These days it’s feeling more like winter. On Nov.5th our daylight savings time ended and we changed our clocks again. It’s an hour fall back, and I don’t like it. Though it’s just an hour change it takes a while to adjust. After changing the time feels like getting dark early and cold is setting slowly. All my snack containers are getting empty sooner than I thought and I need to fill it up with some more snacks.  This time it’s time for Moong Dal(split yellow moong dal) Chakkali.


These chakkalis are a little bit different than traditionalchakkalis as it is prepared by cooking dal/lentil. Continue reading

In the kitchen # Green Tomato Chutney

I never thought there were these many tomatoes in that little plant. As I dismantled tomato plant container, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I never thought there will be these many little tomatoes hidden inside that tomato plant. It’s the end of the season and the last harvest of tomatoes. I was kind of emotional to see that everything came to an end.


My main purpose of growing tomato plant was to grow green tomatoes. Continue reading