In the Kitchen # Vegetarian Hakka Noodles on this National Noodles Day!

Believe it or not. Today Oct 6th is National Noodles Day. I never thought there is a day like this. I came to know through Noodles  & Company(fast food/casual restaurant chain).

In my home, Friday evenings are for pasta, pizza, noodles or some other one-pot dishes or the ones we don’t make regularly. It is much easier than preparing the whole dinner.


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In the Kitchen # Vegetable Pulao/Rice Instant Pot Method

This is the easiest tasty staple food and can be done with a variety of vegetables. I do prepare different vegetable rice but not all-in-one pot pressure cooker method. I just prepare rice and vegetables separately. And mix them together. That was the best method worked for me. But when it comes to cooking for a larger crowd this method doesn’t work very well. Recently, I had to cook for a potluck party and for that Instant Pot worked very well.


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In the Kitchen # Sauteed Indian Bitter Gourd/Karela Dry Subzi

Bitter gourd is not one of my favorite vegetables. But when it is cooked in a proper way it tastes good. It is also known for its medicinal properties as a good blood purifier. Also, these days studies are showing that bitterness is good for slowing down cancer, controlling diabetes and many other health benefits. So bitterness is good. In Indian cooking bitter gourd has a special place. Even though it is bitter there are many ways of cooking this vegetable that gives a distinct taste and flavor which we crave for.


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In the Kitchen # Instant Pot Vanilla Rice Pudding

Social media going crazy, friends are talking, people are raving about it. But I wasn’t convinced until now. I waited and waited and at last, I bought 7 in 1 Instant Pot.


My first thought was “Do I really need another pressure cooker”? Like any other Indian home, already I have three pressure cookers. Why do I need another one? I needed one slow cooker, yogurt maker, and whistle-less timed pressure cooker for brown rice cooking. So after giving a lot of thought I finally made a decision to buy Instant Pot. After months of use, I now feel that I have made the right decision.

Here is the Instant Pot rice pudding which came out the way I wanted creamy, rich in texture and taste.

I did this Rice Pudding using both porridge and slow cooker method. By doing it so I achieved the consistency I wanted.

Tasty creamy rice pudding with a dollop of ghee

Ingredients: Basmati rice, sugar, milk, cardamom, vanilla essence, cashews, and raisins. Continue reading

In the Kitchen # Rava Ladoo/Laddu/Sweet Semolina Balls

This is my one of the never fail Ladoo recipe. This was the only sweet I used to prepare when I was a newly married. Even today whenever I ran out of ideas to make something sweet, I will just prepare this. It is easy and not so time-consuming recipe.

Though there are a couple of different methods, I use sugar syrup thread method. This method may be little tricky, but the Ladoos prepared from this method will have more shelf life.


For this recipe, I’ve used 1 cup Rava(semolina/sooji), a teaspoon of cardamom powder, cashews, raisins, 4 tbsp ghee, 3/4 cup sugar and water to make sugar syrup.

First, add little ghee and roast cashews and raisins. Keep aside. Add the leftover ghee and roast rava/semolina evenly on a medium heat for about 6-8 min. It will look little brownish in color.

On the other side, prepare sugar syrup(chashni). Add sugar and just enough water to cover it. Let it boil for 5-8 min. Then test for single thread consistency. Just take syrup in between thumb and forefinger and see if it forms a thread. If you see single thread that’s it. Stop boiling sugar syrup. Now the syrup is ready to prepare Ladoo.

Next, immediately mix the roasted rava/semolina, cardamom powder and roasted cashews and raisins to the sugar syrup. Let it cool. Make small balls. Store it in an airtight container. 


The only thing to get good Ladoo is to get the perfect sugar thread consistency. If sugar sting is thick then Ladoos will turn out hard or if it is too early string stage then Ladoos will be soft. Soft Ladoos can’t stay good for longer period of time. Just to get the right thread consistency is the key to get perfect Ladoos. You can also add saffron along with cardamom.

In the Kitchen # Mango Dessert / Mango Sheekarni

It’s summer. It’s mango season. We just can’t get enough of mangoes. It’s almost ending already.

A few days back when I went to the Indian store to grab a couple of grocery items along with our favorite sweet mangoes. I do get mangoes from Costco or the other Korean store Lotte. But the one from Indian store is always proved to be the best in most of the times. It’s very sweet, has no fiber, tastes different and better than the other stores. It’s good for mango delicacies like Sheekarani. But it doesn’t matter, we love all kind of mangoes.


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