After the Rain…


After many days later it rained. It is gloomy and dull, but the earth looks happy. The color of the landscape has changed. A tint of green is showing up. Continue reading

Remember to Live Life

No one imagines that a symphony is supposed to improve in quality as it goes along, or that the whole object of playing it is to reach the finale.  The point of music is discovered in every moment of playing and listening to it.  It is the same, I feel, with the greater part of our lives, and if we are unduly absorbed in improving them we may forget altogether to live them.

Alan Watts(1915-1973)

Spring in February


Today it feels like spring. I can’t believe, it is February and winter. Weird weather… changing climate… maybe this the new norm of the future. This time even the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow meaning predicting early spring. Whatever the groundhog says, for sure it is warm. No need for big jackets to get out in this upper 60’s weather. An unusual day in this season. Continue reading