Spring in February


Today it feels like spring. I can’t believe, it is February and winter. Weird weather… changing climate… maybe this the new norm of the future. This time even the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow meaning predicting early spring. Whatever the groundhog says, for sure it is warm. No need for big jackets to get out in this upper 60’s weather. An unusual day in this season. Continue reading

Book Review – Thoughts on a few books

I added a few books on my list and as soon as I got them I started to read. Before I start reading, usually I check about the author and a little bit of a summary of the book. It helps me understand the author/age/issues/story beforehand so that I can read with some knowledge. Continue reading

Loss and Grief

When you are happy and having a life you never give a second thought about what is life? But when things go wrong you always question what is this life? We need to rise above all this and it is not that easy task especially when it comes to the grief. Continue reading