In the Kitchen # Protein Packed Kodiak Cakes Waffles

When I started using this, I didn’t know anything about this waffle mix. Now almost a year later, I see people are raving about it and it is everywhere over the internet.  Continue reading

Soft Fluffy Rava Oatmeal Idli


Our favorite Rava Oatmeal Idlis(steamed cakes) with hot tomato onion sambar and peanut chutney on this World Idli Day. Idlis are one of the popular South Indian breakfast dishes. Easy to prepare, healthy and tasty.

Tasty bites – Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake and Rava Masala Dosa

Sometimes tasty food comes from not so famous places.  This is one of those moments. Recently we were strolling around Walmart Supercenter and this Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake caught our eyes. These petite cakes were covered with chocolate glaze and chocolate chips on the top. We just couldn’t pass. What can I say? It has the perfect sweetness, texture, and freshness. It tasted awesome! I would definitely buy it again. Continue reading