In the Kitchen # Tri-color Rotini Pasta Instant Pot Method


All these years I always did the Pasta in a traditional on the stove pot method. It is the easiest meal I can prepare in  10-15 min with the readymade pasta sauce. But I wanted to give it a try in the Instant pot, because of its convenience.

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In the Kitchen # Vegetable Pulao/Rice Instant Pot Method

This is the easiest tasty staple food and can be done with a variety of vegetables. I do prepare different vegetable rice but not all-in-one pot pressure cooker method. I just prepare rice and vegetables separately. And mix them together. That was the best method worked for me. But when it comes to cooking for a larger crowd this method doesn’t work very well. Recently, I had to cook for a potluck party and for that Instant Pot worked very well.


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