In the Kitchen # Parsley Walnut Pesto


Usually, most of the time in my kitchen, I use a few herbs, like cilantro, mint, and dill. Other than that pretty much everything else I use is dried herbs. Continue reading

In the Kitchen # Bread Balls/ Fritters/ Pakoda


We buy loaves of bread thinking we would finish all in time, but we don’t. Most of my cooking evolves around Indian food, so with all the diverse Indian/Indian fusion options like dosa, idli, poha, upma, vada, chaat, rotis… the bread takes the back seat and becomes the last option. Continue reading

Quinoa Summer Salad


A simple colorful quinoa salad with fresh vegetables

It started to feel like summer… already reaching upper 80’s temp. A little crunch of the cold vegetables makes it so refreshing. Just add a simple dressing of lemon, salt, and pepper. Mix it with your choice of vegetables along with cooked cold refrigerated quinoa and enjoy. This is our favorite salad for the summer.