In the Kitchen # Methi Mathri/Salty Fenugreek Crackers


Lately, the weather has been cold and gloomy… again. Maybe a few flurries on the horizon. When the weather gets like this… gray and dark we feel like to gather in the kitchen and cook something. There were times I ran out of ideas or nothing comes to mind about what to cook? What snacks to make for the school lunch box? Continue reading

Tasty Chaats


 Dahi Puri Chaat

Chaats are the Indian street food sprinkled with sev, drizzled with yogurt, green mint and cilantro chutney, spicy sweet and tangy tamarind chutney, fresh onion, cilantro, and chaat masala. There are many varieties of chaats depending on the base of the dish. Continue reading

In the Kitchen # Moong Dal Chakkali/Chakli/Murukku

These days it’s feeling more like winter. On Nov.5th our daylight savings time ended and we changed our clocks again. It’s an hour fall back, and I don’t like it. Though it’s just an hour change it takes a while to adjust. After changing the time feels like getting dark early and cold is setting slowly. All my snack containers are getting empty sooner than I thought and I need to fill it up with some more snacks.  This time it’s time for Moong Dal(split yellow moong dal) Chakkali.


These chakkalis are a little bit different than traditionalchakkalis as it is prepared by cooking dal/lentil. Continue reading